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Divorce and the empty nest syndrome

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Family Law And Divorce

Once your children grow up, you might lose the motivation to stick with your marriage. Couples in Louisiana sometimes feel the need to move on from their marriages once they are no longer raising young children. Although many marriages survive this parental stage of life, you may have good reasons to view divorce as the best option for your future. As you know, such a decision requires careful consideration of your next steps. You will have to navigate emotional and financial changes.

Accept your feelings

Both partners in a marriage benefit from accepting their honest feelings about their lives as individuals and spouses. Divorce often leaves people thinking that they failed. In reality, you and your spouse changed over the years, and one or both of you may have new priorities. You are not bad for thinking about ending or changing the relationship in substantial ways. Everyone has the freedom to do this.

You need a post-divorce budget

Divorce will disrupt your personal budget. You will no longer share expenses on a single home and instead have to pay all of your living expenses by yourself. You may also have ongoing expenses for your grown children, such as school tuition. A divorce at this point in your life also brings the focus on your retirement savings.

Even so, a fresh financial start remains possible. You and your spouse have the opportunity to divide your savings and assets in a fair manner and find new housing arrangements. A realistic approach to what you can afford individually and a willingness to communicate with your former partner will support your goals. Although the task may feel overwhelming, working through each issue one by one presents the most efficient way to complete a divorce.