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Creating a workable co-parenting plan

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2023 | Family Law And Divorce

The end of your marriage in Louisiana will involve many variables that must be resolved. One of them will be the care and custody of your children. You want to ensure your rights to see and be with your children are respected. One of the best ways to do so is to create and adhere to a viable co-parenting plan.

Co-parenting is a benefit to your kids

Finalizing your divorce should never mean turning your back on your children. You want to do all that you can to remain a positive influence in their lives. A viable co-parenting plan will preserve your involvement in your kids’ lives.

This continuity will lead directly to positive results. Children with healthy relationships with both parents tend to do better in school. They have a much higher level of general mental health. This is because they can rely on the stability that you provide. This gives them the strength they need to develop a good character.

Compromise is the key to successful co-parenting

A successful co-parenting arrangement works out all of the details that come along with sharing custody of your kids. There will likely be many issues, financial and logistical, for you to work out. Now is the time to do so while you are hammering out the rest of the arrangements that will obtain after you separate.

A workable parenting plan spells out details such as when each party has custody. It also entails when to vacation with your kids and what kind of financial support each partner is responsible for. A special clause that governs instances when an agreement cannot be easily reached should also be inserted.

There will also be a host of decisions related to medical care and education. The more you can agree on in advance, the fewer surprises and impasses there will be. A good co-parenting plan is the key to ensuring a positive post-divorce existence for both parties.