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Guiding Louisiana Clients Through Estate Planning and Probate Matters

Do you know what will happen to your property and your assets when you pass away? If a loved one dies, do you know how to make sure their wishes are followed?

Louisiana's probate system can be complex. Whether you are planning your own estate or struggling with the death of a loved one, it is important to turn to an experienced lawyer. I — Douglas C. Dominick, Attorney at Law — will listen to your concerns and guide you through the process to accomplish your goals.

I have over 15 years of estate planning and probate experience. Call 888-349-2341 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation.

The Right Estate Plan for You

There are many estate planning documents that can protect your assets and your loved ones for the future. At the very least, everyone should have a will. Why?

  • Your will can outline where your assets should go after you pass away. Without a will, the state will decide how to divide your property.
  • You can appoint a person to be in charge of administering your estate.
  • If you have a mixed family or have been married more than once, the state probably won't distribute your property the way you desire. A will lets you protect children from your first marriage, your second spouse and other loved ones. 

Other documents like powers of attorney for health care and business decisions give someone permission to make decisions on your behalf. These are important documents if you become unable to communicate your wishes. They allow you to decide who will be in charge of making decisions for you.

You do not have to pay big firm prices to get the estate plan you need. I will draft all of the estate planning documents you need at a fair rate.

Successions and Probate

Losing a loved one is hard enough. You should not have to struggle through the probate process alone. I will guide you through the legal process to administer your loved one's estate. This can involve transferring real estate titles, distributing property and settling debts.

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